17.524 | Fall 2004 | Graduate



Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 1 session / week, 2 hours / session

Course Description

This course provides a broad overview of the theories of and approaches to the study of nationalist thought and practice.

Course Requirements

Students are expected to write one long research paper, between 25 - 35 pages on a topic of the student’s choice. It is assumed that students have either a regional interest in nationalist politics and/or theoretical interest that will guide them in their selection of a paper topic. For example, one paper option would be to use one or more case studies to examine a theoretically-grounded question or claim about nationalism. While it is expected that students will draw heavily upon secondary sources, the use of primary sources is strongly encouraged. Paper proposals (7 - 10 pages) will be distributed among classmates and discussed in class. The proposals should be a concise statement of the question(s) that will guide the research as well as the methods and evidence proposed to answer the question(s). Bibliographies are required. Final papers (or well-developed drafts thereof) will be discussed on the two final class meetings.

In addition, each student will be assigned to present the week’s readings. Such presentations will be followed by class discussion. Students may prepare handouts, but they are not required. Finally, it is expected that those students who have already developed an interest in a particular region or set of cases should be prepared to discuss how the readings apply (or not) to their chosen areas.

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