1 Introductory Meeting  
2 Developing a Topic

Written assignment due 2 days before session 2

Oral presentation in class


Reviewing Past Theses

A. We will Read Two Past Award-winning Theses, Selected by Relevance to Current Student Topics

B. Sharpening the Topic, Developing Theory

Note: For the next three weeks, we will be discussing methodological choices. During this time, you are expected to be ready to discuss the assigned readings. You should also be reading on your topics and developing a bibliography and knowledge of existing research.


Methodological Choices I - Quantitative vs. Qualitative Methods

Discussion of Causality, Measurement, Validity

5 Methodological Choices II - Case Studies and Small-N Comparisons  
6 Meeting with Library Staff to Review Research Tactics and Strategies  
7 Methodological Choices III - Rational Choice  
8 Literature Review

Bibliographies and written assignments due 2 days before session 8

Oral presentation in class

9 Class Presentations of Existing Research

Assignment due 2 days before session 9

Oral presentation in class

10 Methodological Pitfalls  
11 Pick a Topic

An outline of project is due 2 days before session 11

Class presentations

12 Addressing Remaining Methodological Issues

Written assignment due 2 days before session 12

Oral presentations in class

By end of week, turn in form to me verifying that you have acquired a thesis advisor.

13 Presentation of Prospectus Other faculty will be invited to attend the presentations to ask questions and evaluate the projects. A draft prospectus is due two days before the oral presentation. A final draft is due shortly after final presentations.
14 Presentation of Prospectus (cont.)  

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