L = Lecture session

R = Recitation session

Recitations sections included math and / or writing topics. Exams were held during lecture sessions 13, 24, and 37.

L1 Introduction

Math: Probability: Sample Spaces

Writing: Precision, Rigor, Formality

L2 Probability Theory: Bayes’ Rule, Inclusion-Exclusion Formula, etc.
L3 Pigeonhole Principle; Probabilistic Method
L4 Probability Theory: Weak Law of Large Numbers

Math: Probability: Independence & Multiplication

Writing: Proof Rigor & Level of Detail

L5 Chernoff Bounds
L6 Sequential Choice / Optimal Stopping Theory
L7 Counting, Coding, Sampling: Catalan Numbers, Bijective Proofs, etc.

Math: Chernoff Bound

Writing: Explanatory and Guiding Text

L8 Counting, Coding, Sampling: Coding
L9 Generating Functions I
R4 Writing: Information Order and Connectivity (Cohesion)
L10 Generating Functions II
L11 Generating Functions III
L12 Linear Programming: Models
R5 Review for Exam 1
L13 Exam 1
L14 Linear Programming: Simplex Method
L15 Linear Programming: Simplex Method (cont.)
R6 Math: Simplex and Linear Programming Practice
L16 Linear Programming: Duality
L17 Network Flows: Maximum Flow, Augmenting Path Algorithm
R7 Writing: Audiences, Explaining a Topic to an Informal Audience
L18 Network Flows: Maximum Flow, Minimum Cut Theorem
L19 Linear Programming: Zero-Sum Games
L20 Sorting Algorithms

Math: Linear Programming Duality

Writing: Designing Visuals

L21 Median Finding and QUICKSORT
L22 Median Finding and QUICKSORT(cont.)
L23 Sorting Networks: Batcher’s Algorithm
R9 Review for Exam 2
L24 Exam 2
L25 Modular Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra
L26 Modular Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra: Group Theory
R10 Math: Euclid’s Algorithm & Number Theory
L27 Cryptography: The RSA Code
L28 Cryptography: Primality Testing
R11 Math: Primality Testing & RSA
L29 Factoring
L30 FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) I
R12 Writing: Peer Critique
L32 FFT for Multiplication
L33 Shannon’s Information Theory
L34 Huffman Codes
L35 Lempel-Ziv Codes
L36 Shannon’s Noisy Coding Theorem
R13 Review for Exam 3
L37 Exam 3
L38 Linear Codes
L39 Polynomial Codes

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