18.327 | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Wavelets, Filter Banks and Applications



MATLAB® Routines

Function to generate half-band product filters (M)
Polyphase implementation of a filter (M)
Computation of Daubechies’ filter coefficients (cepstrum method) (M)
Computation of minimum phase spectral factors (cepstrum method) (M)
Computation of scaling function and wavelet by recursion (M)

MATLAB® Examples

Example 1: Basic filters, upsampling and downsampling (M)
Example 2: Product filter examples (M) [Needs prodfilt.m (M)]
Example 3: 1-D signal analysis (M)
Example 4: 2-D image analysis (M)
Example 5: Polyphase filter implementation (M) [Needs polyfilt.m (M)]
Example 6: Generation of orthogonal scaling functions and wavelets. (M) [Needs phivals.m (M)]
Example 7: Generation of biorthogonal scaling functions and wavelets. (M) [Needs biphivals.m (M)]
Example 8: Mallat pyramid decomposition for functions in L^2 (M)
Example 9: Approximation power of wavelet bases (M)
Example 10: Polynomial cancellation in filter banks (M)
Example 11: Smoothness of wavelet bases (M)
Example 12: Treatment of boundaries (M)

Java® Applets

Inner Products of Functions
Sums of a Trigonometric Series
Fourier Series
Gibbs Phenomenon