18.337J | Fall 2011 | Graduate

Parallel Computing


1 Introduction  
2 Types of parallel computers  
3 Parallel prefix HW1 out
4 More parallel prefix  
5 Lincoln Labs view of the cloud; Intro to MapReduce

Guest lecture by Dr. Jeremy Kepner, MIT

HW1 due
6 MapReduce, as accumArray HW2 out
7 MapReduce, graph partitioning  
8 MapReduce, more partitioning  
Discussion session Project discussion session  
9 Guest lecture by Dr. Viral B. Shah HW2 due
10 Parallel linear algebra past and future Project proposal due
11 LU decomposition  
12 Ring and hypercube topologies  
13 Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)  
14 FFT (cont.)  
15 FFT (cont.)  
16 FFT (cont.)  
17 Parallel programming in Julia  
18 Domain decomposition, PDEs  
19 Finite differences, direct and iterative methods, preconditioned conjugate gradient  
20 Schur complement method; Intro to sparse methods Project progress update due
21 Fast multipole method  
22 Guest lecture by Dr. Toby Bloom, Director, Informatics, Genome Sequencing, Broad Institute  
23 Student project presentations  
24 Student project presentations (cont.)  
25 Student project presentations (cont.)  
26 Student project presentations (cont.) Final project reports due

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