18.385J | Fall 2004 | Graduate

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos


In addition to the topics below, we may have time for other topics, such as: Infinite Dimensional Hamiltonian Systems, On-Off Dissipative Systems, etc.

TOPIC # Topics
1 One-Dimensional Systems and Elementary Bifurcations (about two weeks)

2 Two-Dimensional Systems; Phase Plane Analysis, Limit Cycles, Poincaré-Bendixson Theory (about two weeks)
3 Nonlinear Oscillators, Qualitative and Approximate Asymptotic Techniques, Hopf Bifurcations (about two weeks)
4 Lorenz and Rossler Equations, Chaos, Strange Attractors and Fractals (about 2.5 weeks)
5 Iterated Mappings, Period-Doubling, Chaos, Renormalization, Universality (about 1.5 weeks)
6 Hamiltonian Systems; Complete Integrability and Ergodicity (about 1.5 weeks)
7 Area Preserving Mappings, KAM Theory (about 1.5 weeks)

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