18.413 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate

Error-Correcting Codes Laboratory


The projects are due during the session listed in the table below.

4 Small Project 1 (PDF)
7 Small Project 2 (PDF)
15 Project 1 (PDF)

Updated Project Instructions (PDF)

17 Small Project 3 (PDF)

These final projects do not relate to the ones above. They were handed out to students separately and their topic is unique.

Sample of Final Student Projects

  • Turbo Equalization Using Non-Systematic and Recursive Systematic Convolutional Codes: A Discussion (PDF) (Courtesy of Sarah Lieberman. Used with permission.)
  • Irregular Repeat Accumulate Codes Final Draft (PDF) (Courtesy of Chun-Chieh Lin. Used with permission.)
  • Revisiting a High-Performance Serially-Concatenated Code (PDF)
  • Improving Low Density Parity Check Codes Over the Erasure Channel: The Nelder Mead Downhill Simplex Method (PDF)

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