1 Introduction and Overview

2 Basics of Quantum Mechanics

3 More Basics of Quantum Mechanics

4 Classical Computation Models and Quantum Gates

5 Quantum Circuits and a Simple Quantum Algorithm Homework 1 due
6 More on Quantum Circuits

7 Simon’s algorithm

8 Factoring

9 More on Factoring Homework 2 due
10 Grover’s search algorithm

11 Applications of Grover’s Search Algorithm

12 Superdense Coding and Quantum Teleportation

13 Quantum Computation Models Homework 3 due
14 Cluster States

15 More on Computing with Cluster States

16 Quantum Error Correction

17 Quantum Mechanics

18 More on Quantum Mechanics Homework 4 due
19 Guest Lecture by Isaac Chuang on Implementations of Quantum Computing: How to Build your Own Quantum Computer

20 Quantum CSS Codes

21 More on Quantum Error Correcting Codes

22 Quantum Cryptography Homework 5 due
23 Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation

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