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Quantum Computation

Lecture Notes

The students in this class scribed the lecture notes. Typing a scribe report results in a bonus on the student’s worst mark from a homework problem set. Scribe notes are used with permission. Not all lectures were scribed.

1 Introduction and Overview  
2 Basics of Quantum Mechanics (PDF) (Courtesy of Vitaly Feldman. Used with permission.)
3 More Basics of Quantum Mechanics  
4 Classical Computation Models and Quantum Gates (PDF) (Courtesy of Moses Liskov. Used with permission.)
5 Quantum Circuits and a Simple Quantum Algorithm (PDF) (Courtesy of Dion Harmon. Used with permission.)
6 More on Quantum Circuits  
7 Simon’s algorithm  
8 Factoring  
9 More on Factoring  
10 Grover’s search algorithm  
11 Applications of Grover’s Search Algorithm (PDF) (Courtesy of Yuan-Chung Cheng. Used with permission.)
12 Superdense Coding and Quantum Teleportation  
13 Quantum Computation Models (PDF) (Courtesy of Eric Fellheimer. Used with permission.)
14 Cluster States (PDF) (Courtesy of Ilia Mirkin. Used with permission.)
15 More on Computing with Cluster States  
16 Quantum Error Correction (PDF) (Courtesy of Dah-Yoh Lim. Used with permission.)
17 Quantum Mechanics  
18 More on Quantum Mechanics  
19 Guest Lecture by Isaac Chuang on Implementations of Quantum Computing: How to Build your Own Quantum Computer (PDF) (Courtesy of Fen Zhao. Used with permission.)
20 Quantum CSS Codes  
21 More on Quantum Error Correcting Codes  
22 Quantum Cryptography  
23 Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation (PDF) (Courtesy of Jonathan Hodges. Used with permission.)
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