Lecture Notes

L1 Overview of some Probability Distributions ( PDF) Body measurements data subset (weight, height, waist girth, abdomen girth) from this article: men, body_men.mat ( MAT), women, body_women.mat ( MAT)
L2 Maximum Likelihood Estimators ( PDF)  
L3 Properties of Maximum Likelihood Estimators ( PDF)  
L4 Multivariate Normal Distribution and CLT ( PDF)  
L5 Confidence Intervals for Parameters of Normal Distribution ( PDF) Normal body temperature dataset from this article: normtemp.mat ( MAT) (columns: temperature, gender, heart rate).
L6 Gamma, Chi-squared, Student T and Fisher F Distributions ( PDF)  
L7-L8 Testing Hypotheses about Parameters of Normal Distribution, t-Tests and F-Tests ( PDF)  
L9 Testing Simple Hypotheses and Bayes Decision Rules ( PDF)  
L10 Most Powerful Test for Two Simple Hypotheses ( PDF)  
L11 Chi-squared Goodness-of-fit Test ( PDF)  
L12 Chi-squared Goodness-of-fit Test for Composite Hypotheses ( PDF)  
L13 Tests of Independence and Homogeneity ( PDF)  
L14 Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test ( PDF)  
L15-L16 Simple Linear Regression ( PDF)  
L17-L18 Multiple Linear Regression ( PDF)

Cigarette dataset - tar, nicotine, weight, carbon monoxide - from this article: cigarette.mat ( MAT)

OECD Economic Development dataset: per capita income, percentage of labor force in agriculture, percentage in industry, percentage in service occupations, found here: oecd.mat ( MAT)

L19-L20 General Linear Constraints in Multiple Linear Regression and Analysis of Variance and Covariance ( PDF) Fruifly dataset from this article: fruitly.mat ( MAT)
L21 Classification Problem, AdaBoost Algorithm ( PDF)  
L22 Review  

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