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L1 Distributions Derived from Normal Distribution  
L2 Statistical Models: Classic One-sample Distribution Models  
L3 Parameter Estimation: Method of Moments Problem Set 1 Due
L4 Parameter Estimation: Maximum Likelihood Problem Set 2 Due
L5 Maximum Likelihood: Large Sample Theory  
L6 Bootstrap Confidence Intervals Problem Set 3 Due
L7 Sufficiency  
R1 Exam 1 Review
E1 Exam 1
L8 Parameter Estimation: Bayesian Approach Problem Set 4 Due
L9 Hypothesis Testing Problem Set 5 Due (Extra Credit)
L10 Hypothesis Testing II Problem Set 6 Due
L11 Assessing Goodness of Fit Problem Set 7 Due
R2 Exam 2 Review
E2 Exam 2
L12 Summarizing Data  
L13 Summarizing Data: Examples and Dynamic Graphics Problem Set 8 Due
L14 Regression Analysis  
L15 Regression Analysis II Problem Set 9 Due
R3 Exam 3 Review
E3 Exam 3
L16 Comparing Independent Samples and ANOVA  
L17 Analysis of Categorical Data Problem Set 10 Due

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