All readings are assigned in the required text
Rice, John A. Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis. Duxbury Press, 2006. ISBN: 9780534399429. [Preview with Google Books]

L1 Chapter 6: Distributions Derived from the Normal Distribution Sections 6.1–6.3.
L2 Chapter 8: Estimation of Parameters and Fitting of Probability Distributions Sections 8.1–8.3.
L3 Section 8.4.
L4 Section 8.5.1.
L5 Section 8.5.2.
L6 Section 8.5.3.
L7 Section 8.8.
R1 No Readings: Exam 1 Review
E1 No Readings: Exam 1
L8 Chapter 8: Estimation of Parameters and Fitting of Probability Distribution Section 8.6.
L9 Chapter 9: Testing Hypotheses and Assessing Goodness of Fit Sections 9.1–9.2.
L10 Sections 9.3–9.4.
L11 Sections 9.5–9.9.
R2 No Readings: Exam 2 Review
E2 No Readings: Exam 2
L12 Chapter 10: Summarizing Data Sections 10.1–10.4.
L13 Sections 10.5–10.7.
L14 Chapter 14: Linear Least Squares Sections 14.1–14.3.
L15 Sections 14.4–14–7.
R3 No Readings: Exam 3 Review
E3 No Readings: Exam 3
L16 Chapter 12: The Analysis of Variance Sections 12.1–12.2.
L17 Chapter 13: The Analysis of Categorical Data Sections 13.1–13.4.

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