18.901 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Topology

Lecture Notes

These Supplementary Notes are optional reading for the weeks listed in the table.

1 Logic and Foundations Notes A (PDF) (Courtesy of Dr. Joao P. Santos. Used with permission.)
7 Connected Spaces, Compact Spaces Notes C (PDF)
9 Well-ordered Sets, Maximum Principle Notes B (PDF)
10 Countability and Separation Axioms Notes D (PDF)
11 Urysohn Lemma, Metrization Notes E (PDF)

Notes F (PDF)

12 Tietze Theorem Notes G (PDF)

Notes K (PDF)

13 Tychonoff Theorem, Stone-Cech Compactification Notes H (PDF)
15 Imbedding in Euclidean Space Notes I (PDF)

Notes J (PDF)

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