18.915 | Fall 2014 | Graduate

Graduate Topology Seminar: Kan Seminar

Kan Seminars Beyond MIT

This section includes links to resources about Kan Seminars taught at other institutions. If you have taught a Kan Seminar and would like to be included in this collection of resources, please contact us.

Emily Riehl’s online Kan Extension Seminar (Spring 2014) at Harvard University and her article The Kan Extension Seminar: An Experimental Online Graduate Reading Course (PDF) in The Notices, the American Mathematical Society magazine.

Christopher Douglas’ page about Kan Seminars he’s taught at Stanford University and the University of Oxford

Anna Marie Bohmann’s and John Francis’s Kan Seminar (Spring 2012) at Northwestern University

Mark Behrens’ Seminar on Algebraic Topology (Fall 2013) at the University of Notre Dame

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