2.000 | Spring 2002 | Undergraduate

How and Why Machines Work


1 Introduction to How Machines Work Intro, 5 “F"s, Control Volumes, Flow Balances, Units Lab/Lecture Scheduling No Lab Camera
2 How Machines are Designed and Manufactured Units, Balances, Project Management, Intro to Manufacturing Camera Discussion No Lab Resume and Job Sign Up
3 Mechanical Engineering Overview of Mechanical Engineering   CAD I: Software Interface  
4 How Machines are Manufactured (cont.) Casting, Sheet metal, Turning, Milling, Extrusion Manufacturing Processes CAD I: Software Interface Manufacturing Scavenger Hunt
5 Automotive Manufacturing Manufacturing Engineering   CAD Lab Recitation Finish CAD Tutorial
6 Machine Components and Systems (MCS) Gears Trains, Linkages, Screws Tape Player and Lego Gear Box Tractor Transmissions MCS PS: Screw Driver
7 CAD II: Design Intent Basics Design Intent Pump Assembly Tractor Transmissions Design Intent: Etch-A-Sketch
8 Fluid Components and Systems (FCS) Bernoulli, Components, Systems Analysis Drill Pump Pumps, Brakes, and Dampers FCS PS: External Gear Pumps
9 Project I: Kick Off Project Description, Group Discussion Project Planning Pumps, Brakes, and Dampers Project I
10 Electro-Mechanical Machines I X B, Circuits, DCPM Motors Motor and Disk Drive Sewing Machine, Suspension Project I
11 CAD III: Design Intent Advanced Concepts Design Intent   Sewing Machine, Suspension Project I and Test I-Analytic
12 CAD IV: Project Recitations Project I CAD Help Sessions   Test I-CAD Portion Project I
13 Guest Speakers: MIT FSAE Talk/Tour Automotive Racing and FSAE Team Tour: FSAE Test I-CAD Portion Project I
14 Machines that Store and Transfer Energy Compliant Elements, Power Plants Catapult Design Contest Alarm Clock and Toaster Project I
15 Tour: Cogeneration/ Gas Turbine Lab/Cryo Lab Turbines and Jet Engines Tour: Energy Labs Alarm Clock and Toaster Project II
16 Design Consulting Design Consulting   Briggs and Stratton Project II
17 Project II Updates Strategy, Schedule, and Risk Assessment, Basic Physics   Briggs and Stratton Project II
18 Bio-Engineering Bio-Engineering in MIT ME Enter the Matrix No Lab Project II
19 Service Learning Service Learning   Engine/Transmission Project II
20 Project II Updates Concepts, Physics, Modeling, Schedule Check   Engine/Transmission Project II
21 Concept Design and Large Systems Large System Design   Engine/Transmission Project II
22 Project II Updates/Recitation Implementation Check   Engine/Transmission Project II
23 Automotive Design/Manufacturing Research Automotive Manufacturing Research   Tour: Car Wash Project II
24 Work On Project II Design Consultations/Final Preparations   Tour: Car Wash Project II
25 Design Project Presentation/Contest     Test: II Hands On Project II
26 Design Project Presentation/Contest     Test: II Hands On Project II

Additional assignments may be given with base assignments.

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