2.000 | Spring 2002 | Undergraduate

How and Why Machines Work


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 session(s) / week, 1.5 hour(s) / session

Labs: 2 session(s) / week, 2 hour(s) / session


Provide Practical Hands-On Learning Experience

  • Take apart multiplicity of machines

Provide an Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

  • Types of work/research mechanical engineers perform
  • Importance of topics in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum
  • Research at the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering’s affect on the world

Learn to Think like a Mechanical Engineer

  • Recognizing what is important
  • Solving nebulous problems
  • Practical and theoretical engineering

Develop Mechanical Engineering Knowledge

  • How things are made
  • How things work
  • Elements/systems common to Mechanical Engineering

Develop Mechanical Engineering Skills/Tools

  • Communications (Visual and Verbal)
  • Basic Analysis/Modeling (Learn/reinforce what you learned in Physics)
  • Engineering Design



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Spring 2002
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