2.003J | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Dynamics and Control I


These notes are preliminary and should not be used to design satellites. Bryan Owens and Frederick Jao prepared these notes specifically for MIT OpenCourseWare.

SES # Topics
R1 Kinematics (PDF)
R2 Systems of Particles: Linear and Angular Momentum, Solutions in MATLAB® (PDF)
R3 Collisions and Problem Set 3 Hints
R4 Instant Centers and Problem Set 4 Hints
R5 Moments of Inertia and Problem Set 5 Hints
R6 Exam 1: Problems 1 and 2
R7 Virtual Work, Generalized Forces, Problem Set 6 Hints
R8 Problem Set 7 Hints
R9 Problem Set 8 Hints: Problem 1
R10 Rolling Disk: Sample Exam Question
R11 Review of Lecture 20: Second Order Systems with One Degree of Freedom
R12 Problem Set 10 Hints: Problem 3
Learning Resource Types
Problem Sets
Lecture Notes