2.003J | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Dynamics and Control I


Syllabus - Programming and MATLAB®

M1 Introduction and Overview Programming and MATLAB® (PDF)  
M2 Lab 1: MATLAB® Interface and Matrix Manipulation MATLAB® Basics: Data Types, Matrices, and Graphics (PDF - 1.1 MB)


Matrices and arrays

Graphics - Overview of MATLAB® plotting

Graphics - Editing plots

Graphics - Examples

Graphics - Preparing graphs for presentation

Graphics - Basic plotting functions

M3 Lab 2: Conditionals I MATLAB® and Programming (PDF)

Programming - Data types - Numeric types

Programming - Data types - Logical types

Programming - Data types - Characters and strings

Programming - Basic programming components - Variables

Programming - Basic programming components - Operators

Programming - Basic programming components - Programming control statements

M4 Lab 3: Conditionals II    
M5 Lab 4: Functions I MATLAB® Programming - Functions (PDF) Programming - Types of functions except programming - Types of functions - Private functions and programming - Types of functions - Overloaded functions
M6 Lab 5: Functions II    
M7 Lab 6: Algorithm    
M8 Lab 7: ODE 1 MATLAB® Programming - Algorithms to Solve Differential Equations (PDF)  
M9 Lab 8: ODE 2    
M10 Lab 9: Eigenvalue Problems MATLAB® Programming - Eigenvalue Problems and Mechanical Vibrations (PDF)  
M11 Lab 10: Project    
M12 Lab 11: Project    
M13 Lab 12: Project    
M14 Lab 13: Project    
Learning Resource Types
Problem Sets
Lecture Notes