2.004 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate

Dynamics and Control II

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Example: cruise control (PDF)
3 Laplace transform definition, properties (PDF)
4 Block diagram algebra (PDF)
5 Modeling: impedance of electrical components (PDF)
6 Kirchoff’s laws, circuit equations (PDF)
7 Transfer functions, loop/mesh currents (PDF)
8 Modeling: real components as Thevenin and Norton sources (PDF)
9 Modeling: one-dimensional mechanical components (PDF)
10 Modeling: impedance of mechanical components (PDF)
11 Transfer functions in MATLAB and Maple (PDF)
12 Operational amplifiers (PDF)
13 Generalized system modeling (PDF)
14 Modeling: rotational systems (PDF)
15 Example: rotational systems (PDF)
16 Modeling: two-port components (PDF)
17 LTI system response (PDF)
18 Standard input functions: delta, step, ramp, sinusoid (PDF)
19 Poles and zeros (PDF)
20 Standard 1st and 2nd order system responses (PDF)
21 Higher order systems, LTI system properties (PDF)
22 Example: finding system responses (PDF)
23 Effects of poles and zeros (PDF)
24 Closed-loop systems, steady-state errors (PDF)
25 System stability, Routh-Hurwitz criterion (PDF)
26 Stability of closed-loop systems, root locus plots (PDF)
27 Root locus development (PDF)
28 Root locus development (cont.) (PDF)
29 Root locus summary, MATLAB (PDF)
30 Sinusoidal system response (PDF)
31 Frequency response and pole-zero plots (PDF)
32 Bode plots (PDF)
33 Poles and zeros on bode plots (PDF)
34 Bode plots, conclusion (PDF)
35-37 Review
38 Final exam

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