The following notes and slides are used as readings for the course.

I. Introduction to Marine Hydrodynamics
L1 Introduction Introduction ( PDF)

Slides ( PDF)

L2 Hydrostatics Hydrostatic Pressure ( PDF)
L3 Qualitative Flow Descriptions

Conservation Laws

Basic Principles of Fluid Mechanics ( PDF)
R1 Lab Tour and Safety Briefing  
L4 Bernoulli’s Equation


L5 Potential Flow Potential Flow Theory ( PDF)
R2 Lab 1: Added Mass  
L6 Unsteady Bernoulli’s Equation

D’Allembert’s Paradox

Fluid Forces on Bodies ( PDF)
L7 Added Mass

Strip Theory

Added Mass ( PDF)

Slides ( PDF)

R3 Recitation  
L8 Added Mass (cont.)  
  Exam 1  
II. Free Surface Waves and Wave Forces on Offshore Structures and Vehicles
L9 Linear Free-Surface Gravity Waves Free Surface Water Waves ( PDF)

Slides ( PDF - 1.1 MB)

R4 Lab 2: Waves  
L10 Waves (cont.)  
L11 Energy in Waves  
R5 Recitation  
L12 Forces on Bodies Froude Krylov Excitation Force ( PDF)
L13 Wave Drag  
R6 Recitation  
L14 Forces on Bodies (cont.)  
L15 Forces on Bodies (cont.)  
R7 Lab 3: Ship Resistance  
III. Viscous Flows and Free Surface Flows
L16 Boundary Layers

Viscous Drag

L17 Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV)  
L18 Review  
  Exam 2  
R8 Recitation  
L19 Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV) (cont.)  
L20 Propellers  
L21 Propellers (cont.)  
R9 Recitation  
L22 Fish Swimming  
L23 Project Presentations  
L24 Review  
  Final Exam  

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