2.04A | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Systems and Controls



Introduction to the class

From the physical model to the ordinary differential equation (ODE)

2 1st and 2nd order system behavior (from the ODE)  
3 Translation and rotational mechanical system (in the flywheel) Problem set 1 posted
4 Laplace transform, solving ODEs  

Transfer functions, poles, zeros

Observation of behavior based on transfer functions in the flywheel

Problem set 1 due

Problem set 2 posted


Electrical elements R, L, C, op-amp

The DC motor and its dynamics

7 1st and 2nd order system characteristics: theory  
8 1st and 2nd order systems: observation on the flywheel

Problem set 2 due

Quiz 1 practice problems posted

Q1 Quiz 1

Feedback TF, MATLAB® LTI, and SISO tools

Root locus (concept and observation)

10 Drawing root locus (part I: theory)  

Drawing root locus (part II: MATLAB and flywheel)

Introduction to the class project, team arrangements

Problem set 3 posted
12 P control-flywheel modeling  
13 P control on the flywheel-effect of gain  
14 PI control on the flywheel-steady state error

Problem set 3 due

Problem set 4 posted

15 Practice on root locus and P-control  
16 PID control: speeding up and stabilization  
17 PID control

Problem set 4 due

Quiz 2 practice problems posted

18 Inverted pendulum  
19 Work on the project and demo to instructors  
Q2 Quiz 2

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