2.04A | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Systems and Controls


Quiz 1 (PDF) Practice Problems 1 (PDF)
Quiz 2 (Not available) Practice Problems 2 (PDF)

 Quiz Grading

Quiz grading will be concept-based. That is, we evaluate your grasp of the concepts contained within each problem statement. This prevents you from losing points due to “cascade of errors,” and allows us to track the understanding of the concepts by the class.

  • 3 points for demonstrating perfect grasp of the concept
  • 2 points if you addressed the concept adequately but made small mistakes in its application
  • 1 point if you addressed the concept but incompletely or indicate a major misunderstanding
  • 0 points if you don’t address the concept

The total score in each problem is then weighted to produce the quiz grade.

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