13.811 is split into two segments: structural dynamics for the first half of the semester and acoustics for the second half.

NOTE: Only the acoustics component is available on this site. The structural dynamics component has not yet been incorporated into OCW.

Structural Dynamics
1-13 Structural Dynamics

14 Introduction

The Acoustic Wave Equation

15 Helmholtz Equation

Plane Waves

Wavenumber Representation

16 Radiation from Infinite Plate

2-d Wavenumber Space

Spherical Waves from Point Source

17 Directivity Function

Radiation from Baffled Rectangular Piston

18 Radiation from Planar Sources

19 Radiation from Elastic Plates Problem set 1 due
20 Quiz

21 Spherical Waves

Spherical Harmonics

22 Spherical Multipole Radiation Problem set 2 due
23 Scattering from Spheres

24 Cylindrical Waves Problem set 3 due
25 Helical Waves

26 Radiation from Cylinders Problem set 4 due

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