2.080J | Fall 2013 | Graduate

Structural Mechanics


Session Key

L = Lecture
R = Recitation
Q = Quiz

L1 Overview of the Subject, Applications, Reconstruction of Famous Structural Accidents Problem Set 1 Posted
R1 Vector and Tensor Analysis; Review of Static Equilibrium  
L2 Concept of Strain  
L3 Concept of Stress

Problem Set 1 Due

Problem Set 2 Posted

R2 Stress / Strain Transformation, Mohr’s Circle  
L4 Multidimensional Elastic Stress-Strain Relations for Beams, Plates, and Shells; Elastic Strain Energy  
L5 Principle of Minimum Total Potential Energy, Principle of Virtual Work

Problem Set 2 Due

Problem Set 3 Posted

L6 Exact Solutions of the Differential Equation for Beam Deflections  
L7 Energy Method of Solving Beam Problems Problem Set 3 Due
R3 Quiz 1 Review  
L8 Shear Stress in Beams and Shafts  
Q1 Quiz 1 Problem Set 4 Posted
R4 Material Characterization  
L9 Moderately Large Deflection of Beams  
L10 Methods of Experimental Mechanics and Discussion of Lab Test

Problem Set 4 Due

Problem Set 5 Posted

R5 Review of Quiz 1 Solutions  
L11 Concept of Stability of Elastic Structures, Rayleigh-Ritz Quotient

Problem Set 5 Due

Problem Set 6 Posted

R6 Solutions of Typical Column Buckling Problems  
L12 Distinction Between Buckling and Equilibrium Solutions, Imperfect Columns, and Columns with Eccentric Load  
L13 Elastic Plate Buckling, Buckling Loads, and Buckling Modes

Problem Set 6 Due

Problem Set 7 Posted

R7 Quiz 2 Review  
L14 Buckling of Sections, Stiffened Plates  
Q2 Quiz 2 Problem Set 7 Due
R8 Examples of Plate Buckling  
L15 Yield Condition and Limit Analysis  
L16 Application of Plasticity to Beams, Plates and Shell Problems Problem Set 8 Posted
R9 Review of Quiz 2 Solutions  
L17 Mechanics in Cyclindrical Coordinate System (Thin and Thick Cylinders)

Problem Set 8 Due

Problem Set 9 Posted

R10 Solutions to Plasticity Problems  
L18 Formulation and Solution of Dynamically Loaded Beams and Plates  
L19 Fracture of Materials and Structures

Problem Set 9 Due

Problem Set 10 Posted

R11 Implosion of Cylinders and Submarine Safety  
L20 Case Studies: Columbia Space Shuttle and BP Deepwater Horizon  
L21 Estimation of Damage of Collision and Grounding of Ships  
L22 Energy Absorption and Crashworthiness of Vehicles Problem Set 10 Due
R12 Review for Quiz 3  
L23 Review for Quiz 3 (continued)  
Q3 Quiz 3  

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