2.086 | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate
Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers


Session Key

L = Lecture
R = Recitation

Unit I. (Numerical) Calculus; Elementary Programming Concepts
L1 Unit I lecture  
L2 Unit I lecture (cont.)  
R1 Elements of a program; MATLAB® basics MATLAB Exercises 1
Unit II. Monte Carlo Methods
L3 Unit II lecture  
L4 Unit II lecture (cont.)  
R2 Single-index MATLAB arrays (FP) MATLAB Exercises 2
L5 Unit II lecture (cont.)  
R3 Functions in MATLAB MATLAB Exercises 3
L6 Unit II lecture (cont.) PSet 1 (Unit I) due
L7 Unit II lecture (cont.) Quiz 1 (Unit I)
R4 Double-index MATLAB arrays MATLAB Exercises 4
Unit III. Linear Algebra I: Matrices and Least Squares; Regression
L8 Unit III lecture  
L9 Unit III lecture (cont.) PSet 2 (Unit II) due
R5 Recitation No MATLAB exercise
L10 Unit III lecture (cont.)  
L11 Unit III lecture (cont.) Quiz 2 (Unit II)
R6 MATLAB matrix/vector operations MATLAB Exercises 6
L12 Unit III lecture (cont.)  
Unit IV. Ordinary Differential Equations
L13 Unit IV lecture  
R7 MATLAB backslash (least squares) MATLAB Exercises 7
L14 Unit IV lecture (cont.) PSet 3 (Unit III) due
L15 Unit IV lecture (cont.) Quiz 3 (Unit III)
R8 MATLAB eig. MATLAB Exercises 8
L16 Unit IV lecture (cont.)  
L17 Unit IV lecture (cont.)  
R9 Passing functions; anonymous functions MATLAB Exercises 9
Unit V. Linear Algebra II: Linear Systems
L18 Unit V lecture  
R10 Characters and strings No MATLAB Exercise
L19 Unit V lecture (cont.) PSet 4 (Unit IV) due
L20 Unit V lecture (cont.)  
R11 MATLAB sparse matrix operations MATLAB Exercises 11
L21 Unit V lecture (cont.)  
L22 Unit V lecture (cont.)  
R12 MATLAB sparse backslash MATLAB Exercises 12
Unit VII. Nonlinear Problems
L23 Unit VII lecture Quiz 4 (Unit V)
L24 Unit VII lecture (cont.)  
R13 MATLAB structures No MATLAB Exercise
L25 Unit VII lecture (cont.)  
L26 Unit VII lecture (cont.) PSet 5 (Unit VII) due
R14 Recitation No MATLAB Exercise
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