2.092 | Fall 2009 | Undergraduate

Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Fluids I

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes on this page were written by the teaching assistant, Seounghyun Ham, typed by Chang-Yoon Park, and proofread by Seounghyun Ham and Daniel J. Payen.

1 Introduction: why to study FEA (PDF - 7.3MB)
2 The finite element analysis process (PDF)
3 Analysis of solids/structures and fluids (PDF)
4 The principle of virtual work (PDF)
5 The finite element formulation (PDF)
6 Finite element solution process (PDF)
7 Finite element solution process, cont’d (PDF)
8 Demonstration on using ADINA, part 1  none
9 Demonstration on using ADINA, part 2  none
10 Nonlinear finite element analysis of solids and structures (PDF)
11 Heat transfer analysis (PDF)
12 Finite element analysis of heat transfer and incompressible fluid flow (PDF)
13 Physical explanation of Gauss elimination (PDF)
14 Exam 1  none
15 Solution of dynamic equilibrium equations (PDF)
16 Solution of dynamic equilibrium equations, cont’d (PDF)
17 Demonstration on finite element methods in ADINA; focus on student projects  none
18 Modeling for dynamic analysis and solution (PDF)
19 Modeling for dynamic analysis and solution, cont’d (PDF)
20 Wave propagation response (PDF)
21 Solution of the generalized eigenvalue problem (PDF)
22 Exam 2  none
23 Solution of Kφ = λ (PDF)
24 Wrap up, review  none
25 Wrap up, review, cont’d  none

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