2.094 | Spring 2011 | Graduate
Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Fluids II

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes on this page were originally prepared for the 2008 course. They were written by the teaching assistant, Do-Nyun Kim, and typed by Dayán Páez. For convenience, the entire set of lectures is also available as a single download: (PDF - 2.0MB)

1 Large displacement analysis of solids/structures (PDF)
2 Finite element formulation of solids and structures (PDF)
3 Finite element formulation of solids and structures (cont.) (PDF)
4 Finite element formulation of solids and structures (cont.) (PDF)
5 Finite element displacement formulation (cont.) (PDF)
6 Finite element formulation, example, convergence (PDF)
7 Isoparametric elements (PDF)
8 Convergence of displacement-based FEM (PDF)
9 u/p formulation (PDF)
10 Finite element large deformation / general nonlinear analysis (PDF)
11 Deformation, strain, and stress tensors (PDF)
12 Total Lagrangian formulation (PDF)
13 Total Lagrangian formulation (cont.) (PDF)
14 Total Lagrangian formulation (cont.) (PDF)
15 Field problems (PDF)
16 Finite element analysis of Navier-Stokes fluids (PDF)
17 Incompressible fluid flow and heat transfer (cont.) (PDF)
18 Solution of finite element equations (PDF)
19 Slender structures (PDF)
20 Beams, plates, and shells (PDF)
21 Plates and shells (PDF)
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