2.14 | Spring 2014 | Undergraduate

Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems


Session Key

Lec = Lecture
Lab = Laboratory Session
Q = Quiz
P = Project Appointment

Lec 1 Introduction; Overview of Control Systems; Magnetic Levitation Case Study  
Lec 2 On / Off Control; 1st and 2nd Order Time Response; Multidomain Modeling  
Lec 3 Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Control; Root Locus Assignment 1 Due
Lab 1 On / Off and Linear Control  
Lec 4 Root Locus-Based Design  
Lec 5 Overview of State-Space Models; Frequency Response; Sketching Bode Plots Assignment 2 Due
Lec 6 Operational Amplifiers (Op-Amps) as Feedback Systems; Introduction to Loop Shaping Design  
Lec 7 Nyquist Test; Phase Margin; Gain Margin Assignment 3 Due
Lab 2 Thermal Control Loop Lab 1 Report Due
Lec 8 Loop Shaping Design; Sensitivity; Compensators: Lead, Lag, Resonant Notch  
Lec 9 Loop Shaping Design (cont.) Assignment 4 Due
Lab 3 PI and PID Controllers Lab 2 Report Due
Lec 10 Design Examples; Review Assignment 5 Due
Q1 Quiz 1  
Lec 11 State Model Structures and Analysis  
Lec 12 State Feedback Assignment 6 Due
Lab 4 Op-Amp Circuit Lab 3 Report Due
Lec 13 Observers and State Feedback  
Lec 14 Loop-Shaping View of State Feedback and Observers Assignment 7 Due
Lab 5 Current-Control Loop Lab 4 Report Due
Lec 15 Discrete-Time Control Systems  
Lec 16 Discrete-Time Control Systems (cont.) Assignment 8 Due
Lab 6 Servomotor Velocity Control Lab 5 Report Due
Lec 17 Discrete-Time Control Systems (cont.); Case Studies  
Lec 18 Nonlinear Systems; Nonlinear State Models; Linearization Assignment 9 Due
Lab 7 Servomotor Position Control Lab 6 Report Due
Lec 19 Final Design Project: Introduction

Assignment 10 Due

Lab 7 Report Due

Lec 20 Design Examples; Review  
Q2 Quiz 2 Assignment 11 Due
Lec 21 Other Issues of Nonlinearity in Feedback Control Systems  
Lec 22 Design Examples (cont.)  
P1 Design Project Check-Off Appointments
P2 Design Project Check-Off Appointments (cont.)
Lec 23 Design Examples (cont.)  

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