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Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems


Introduction and Review

Reading Assignment 1 (PDF)

Discussion of System Order (PDF) (Courtesy of Jooeun Ahn. Used with permission.)


Reading Assignment 2 (PDF)

Thermal Systems

Reading Assignment 3 (PDF)

Pourmovahed, A., and D. R. Otis. “Effects of Thermal Damping on the Dynamic Response of a Hydraulic Moto-Accumulator System.” Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control 106 (1984): 21-26.

Nonlinear Mechanical Systems

Reading Assignment 4 (PDF)
Modulated transformers, Lagrange’s equations and a paper on interaction control.

Impedance and Interaction Control

Hogan, Neville, and Stephen P. Buerger. “Impedance and Interaction Control.” Robotics and Automation Handbook. Edited by Thomas R. Kurfess. New York, NY: CRC Press, 2004, pp. 19.1-19.24. ISBN: 9780849318047.

Transmission Lines and Wave-Like Behavior

Reading Assignment 5 (PDF)
On wave-like and diffusive behavior.

Macro/Micro Controller

Sharon, Andre, Neville Hogan, and David E. Hardt. “The Macro/Micro Manipulator: An Improved Architecture for Robot Control.” Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 10 (1993): 209-222.
An example of matching approximate transmission line impedance to improve force control.

Controller Design in the Physical Domain

Sharon, Andre, Neville Hogan, and David E. Hardt. “Controller Design in the Physical Domain.” Journal of the Franklin Institute 328 (1991): 697-721.
Using physical system theory to improve controller performance.

Dunn, H. Searl. “Equivalent Circuit Representation of Web Conveyance Systems.” Applied Mechanics (1969): 316-318.
Dunn’s 1969 paper on equivalent network analysis of web conveyors and their wave-like behavior.

Matter Transport

Reading Assignment 6 (PDF)
On matter transport and reaction kinetics.

Hamiltonian Forms

Skeel, Robert D., Guihua Zhang, and Tamar Schlick. “A Family of Symplectic Integrators: Stability, Accuracy, and Molecular Dynamics Applications.” SIAM 18 (1997): 203-222.
Symplectic integrators for molecular dynamic simulation.

Integrator Stability

McLachlan, Robert I., Matthew Perlmutter, and G. R. W. Quispel. “On the Nonlinear Stability of Symplectic Integrators.” BIT Numerical Mathematics 44 (2004): 99-117.
A paper on stability of numerical integrators.

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