Lecture Notes

Lec # Topics
1 Conservation Laws And Boundary Conditions (PDF)
2 Linear and Second-Order Wave Theory (PDF)
3 Plane Progressive Regular Waves (PDF)
4 Wave Energy Density and Flux (PDF)
5 Wave Momentum Flux (PDF)
6 Wavemaker Theory (PDF)
7 Translating Coordinate Systems (PDF)
8 Ship Kelvin Wake (PDF)
9 Linear Wave-Body Interaction (PDF)
10 Added-Mass, Damping Coefficients And Exciting Forces (PDF)
11 Long Wavelength Approximations (PDF)
12 Wave Scattering By A Vertical Circular Cylinder (PDF)
13 Forward-Speed Ship Wave Flows (PDF)
14 Strip Theory Of Ship Motions. Heave & Pitch (PDF)
15 Ship Roll-Sway-Yaw Motions (PDF)
16 Derivative Seakeeping Quantities (PDF)
17 Seakeeping In Random Waves (PDF)
18 Solution of Wave-Body Flows, Green’s Theorem (PDF)
19 Rankine Intergral Equations For Ship Flows (PDF)
20 Panel Methods (PDF)
21 Wave Drift Forces (PDF)
22 Second-Order Wave Theory (PDF)
23 Second-Order Wave Effect On Offshore Platforms (PDF)