2.500 | Spring 2009 | Graduate

Desalination and Water Purification


1 Introduction to water supply  
2 Characteristics of seawater. Concentration and molality  
3 Gibbs energy. Work of separation  
4 Chemical activity. Work of separation Homework 1 out
5 Separation at finite recovery. Osmosis  
6 Reverse osmosis. Solution-diffusion model Homework 1 due
7 Solution-diffusion model. Crossflow separators  
8 Concentration polarization. RO System engineering Homework 2 out
9 Introduce term project. Electrodialysis Guest lecture: Amy Smith
10 Visit to Koch Membrane Systems Koch Membrane Systems has been a global leader in separation and filtration products for more than 35 years. In particular, they manufacture a broad selection of membrane systems for reverse osmosis desalination.
11 Visit GE Ionics  
12 Electrodialysis  
13 Electrodialysis (cont.). Ion exchange Homework 2 due
14 Introduction to thermal desalination Homework 3 out
15 Scale formation. Distillation. Least heat of distillation  
16 GOR. Combined power generation and distillation  
17 Single effect distillation. Multi-effect distillation Homework 3 due
18 Single-stage flash distillation. Multi-stage flash evaporation  
19 Vapor compression distillation. Relative desalination costs. Freeze distillation Homework 4 out
20 Discussion of term project. Details about Haiti Guest lecture: Amanda Adams, Mercy and Sharing
21 Disinfection. Chlorination. Pop quiz!  
22 Wastewater treatment in the developing world

Guest lecture: Susan Murcott, MIT

Susan Murcott from the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will speak about wastewater treatment in the developing world. She has had extensive involvement in wastewater treatment in third world megacities and other settings.

Homework 4 due

23 Solar energy. Solar collectors. Solar stills  
24 Solar desalination systems; CSP water/power cogeneration

Guest lecture: Alexander Mitsos, MIT

Professor Alexander Mitsos will speak about concurrent production of electricity and water through concentrating solar power, as well as the use of optimization algorithms in system level design.

25 Particulate removal. Flocculation. Summary  
26 Final project presentations