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You must turn in your assignments at the end of each class period.

1 A step-by-step walk through of the first assignment will help finishing this homework assignment on your own. This is the on-line version of the notes handed out in class. You need to turn in two graphs by the end of the first day of MATLAB® class period (PDF)

As detailed, these graphs include

  • A one page printout of the MATLAB® output of the force to displacement matrix, the forces, and maximum weight a recent 2.007 machine could lift with air cylinders (PDF)
  • A graph solution to a second order forced single d.o.f. oscillator (PDF)
2 Problem Set 2
3 An step-by-step tutorial to walk through the last MATLAB® assignment was also handed out as notes. Complete the tasks, and turn in the resulting two graphs by the end of the third day of your MATLAB® class periods (PDF)

The assignment is to create two graphs of a numerical o.d.e. solution

  • A first order temperature cooling equation (PDF)
  • A second order single degree of freedom oscillator equation (PDF)

Note there is no lecture on MATLAB® Day 3, but rather you are to work on your own to solve Problem Set 3.

Getting Help

If you need help,

- Contact your instructors and/or UA’s in person

- Or see the self-guided problem set tutorials:

Problem Set 1 Tutorial (PDF)
Problem Set 2 Tutorial
Problem Set 3 Tutorial (PDF)

- Or ask other students in the class. Go on, help each other out!

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