2.670 | January IAP 2004 | Undergraduate

Mechanical Engineering Tools


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 10 sessions for 2 weeks, 6 hours / session

Course Overview

2.670 introduces the fundamentals of machine tool and computer tool use. Students will work with a variety of machine tools including the bandsaw, milling machine, and lathe. Instruction given on MATLAB®, MAPLE®, XESS™, and CAD. Emphasis is on problem solving, not programming or algorithmic development. Assignments are project-oriented relating to mechanical engineering topics. It is recommended that students take this subject in the first IAP after declaring the major in Mechanical Engineering.

This year 2.670 is open to Course II students and freshmen ONLY!

Classes run from 9:00 AM sharp until 4:00 PM every day except weekends, with an hour off for lunch at noon.

Attendance is mandatory–this is serious stuff.

Getting Help

If you need help, contact your instructors and/or UA’s or ask other students in the class. Go on, help each other out!

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January IAP 2004
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