2.674 | Spring 2016 | Undergraduate
Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory


1 Lecture 1: Introduction to Micro / Nano Engineering and Lab Safety Instructions
No Lab
2 Lecture 2: Introduction to MEMS and Microfabrication
Lab 1: Benchtop Photolithography and Milli-fluidics
3 No Lecture
Lab 2: Fun with Molding
Microfluidic Hydrodynamics
4 Lecture 3: Introduction to Microfluidics and Soft Lithography
Lab 3: Device Fabrication, Microfluidic Hydrodynamics: Mixing and Diffusion
5 Lecture 4: Microfluidic Hydrodynamics: Viscous Flow, Surface Tension, and the Problem of Mixing
Lab 4: Microfluidic Hydrodynamics: Droplets
6 Lecture 5: Microfluidic Hydrodynamics: Electrokinetic Flows
Lab 5: Microfluidic Hydrodynamics: Fields, Forces, and Flows
Surface Engineering
7 Lecture 6: Engineering of Surfaces in Micro / Nano Devices, Surface Wetting
Lab 6: Surface Engineering with Soft Materials
8 No Lecture and Lab
Nanomaterial Synthesis and Fabrication
9 Lecture 7: Nanomaterials Synthesis and Surface
Lab 7: Growing and Touching Carbon Nanotubes
Nanoscale Imaging MEMS Devices and AFM
10 Lecture 8: Introduction to Nano-scale Imaging and 3D Printing
Lab 8: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
11 Lecture 9: MEMS Fabrication Processes and AFM
Lab 9: Microscale 3D Fabrication
12 No Lecture
Lab 10: Atomic Force Microscope I: Imaging with AFM
13 Lecture 10: MEMS Applications and Product Design
Lab 11: Atomic Force Microscope II: Thermal Noise of Cantilever
14 Quiz
No Lab
15 Epilogue - Why Learn Micro and Nano Engineering