2.700 | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

Principles of Naval Architecture


Session Key

L = Lecture

R = Recitation

Lab = Laboratory

Instructor Key

JH = Joel Harbour

TS = Themistoklis Sapsis

TA = Teaching Assistant

GL = Guest Lecture

L1 Introduction to the Course and Naval Architecture JH  
R1 Computer-aided Design (CAD) Tools TA Project 1 Assigned
L2 Hydrostatics Review TS  
L3 Ship Geometry JH  
R2 CAD Tools TA  
L4 Ship Geometry (cont.) JH  
L5 Ship Geometry (cont.) JH  
L6 Intact Stability TS

Project 1 Due

Project 2 Assigned

L7 Intact Stability (cont.) TS  
R3 CAD Tools and Review TA  
L8 Quiz 1
L9 Intact Stability TS

Project 2 Due

Project 3 Assigned

R4 CAD Tools and Quiz Review TA  
L10 Intact Stability (cont.) TS Paper Project Assigned
L11 Intact Stability (cont.) TS  
R5 CAD Tools TA

Project 3 Due

Project 4 Assigned

L12 Damage Stability JH  
R6 CAD Tools TA  
L13 Damage Stability (cont.) JH

Project 4 Due

Project 5 Assigned

L14 Quiz 2
R7 Quiz Review TA  
L15 Resistance JH  
L16 Resistance (cont.) JH  
R8 CAD Tools and Review TA

Project 5 Due

Project 6 Assigned

L17 Resistance (cont.) TS Paper Topic Due
Lab 1 Towtank Lab    
Lab 2 Towtank Lab (cont.)    
L18 Strength of Ships JH

Project 6 Due

Project 7 Assigned

R9 Lab Data Review TA  
L19 Strength of Ships (cont.) JH  
L20 Strength of Ships (cont.) JH  
R10 CAD Tools and Review TA  

Advanced Hull Forms

Guest Lecturer: Stefano Brizzolara, MIT Sea Grant

GL Project 7 Due

Advanced Hull Forms (cont.)

Guest Lecturer: Stefano Brizzolara, MIT Sea Grant

L23 Advanced Topics   Paper Due
L24 Quiz 3
R11 Quiz Review TA  
L25 Paper Presentations    
L26 Paper Presentations (cont.)    

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