2.71 | Spring 2014 | Undergraduate



Homework Grading

Each problem is worth 3 points. You earn:

  • 3 points if you solve the problem perfectly,
  • 2 points if you got the main idea but made minor error(s)
  • 1 point if you went seriously astray
  • 0 points if you did not attempt the problem

We will accept late homeworks but you lose 20% of the grade per day after the due date. The 1st homework is exempt from this policy (but please make sure to turn it in by the due date of the 2nd homework). Collaboration is allowed in homeworks, but you should write your own solutions and make sure you understand them before handing them in.

Problem Set 1 (PDF) Solutions to Problem Set 1 (PDF)
Problem Set 2 (PDF) Solutions to Problem Set 2 (PDF)
Problem Set 3 (PDF - 1.3MB) Solutions to Problem Set 3 (PDF)
Problem Set 4 (PDF) Solutions to Problem Set 4 (PDF)
Problem Set 5 (PDF - 1.1MB) <No Solutions>
Problem Set 6 (PDF - 1.2MB) <No Solutions>

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