2.71 | Spring 2014 | Undergraduate


1 Nature of Light  
2 Geometrical Optics Problem Set 1 Posted
3 Optical Instrumentation, Magnifier Lens, Microscopes, Telescopes  
4 Matrix Methods in Paraxial Optics Problem Set 1 Due
5 Apertures and Stops Problem Set 2 Posted
6 Gradient Index Lenses, Hamiltonian Optics  
7 Review of Geometrical Optics Problem Set 2 Due
8 Quiz 1  
9 Electromagnetic Wave Equations  
10 Eikonal Equations, Gradient Index Lenses, Hamiltonian Optics  
11 Superposition of Waves, Interference, Optical Interferometry Problem Set 3 Posted (optional)
12 Spatial Fourier Transforms  
13 Math Tutorial on Spatial Fourier Transforms

Problem Set 3 Due (optional),

Problem Set 4 Posted

14 Fraunhofer Diffraction Problem Set 5 Posted
15 Diffraction Gratings Problem Set 4 Due
16 Fresnel Diffraction and Examples Problem Set 6 Posted
17 Examples of Coherent Spatial Filtering Problem Set 5 Due
18 Optical Imaging Systems with Spatially Incoherent Engineering Illumination, Resolution in Optical Systems, Pupil  
19 Field Trip to Center for Astrophysics Problem Set 6 Due
20 Fresnel Diffraction, Depth of Field and Depth of Focus, Holography Quiz 2 (Take Home) Posted
21 Gaussian Beams, Principles of Lasers  
22 Vector Properties of Electromagnetic Fields: Polarization, Waveplates; Birefringence Quiz 2 (Take Home) Due
23 Project Presentations  
24 Project Presentations (cont.)  
25 Review of Scalar and Vector Wave Optics, Outlook  
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