2.75 | Fall 2001 | Graduate

Precision Machine Design


  • Error Gain Spreadsheet-master (XLS)
  • Determine equivalent load rating for ballscrew selection (XLS)
  • Determine Hertz Contact Stresses (XLS)
  • AHP Spreadsheet (XLS)
  • Determine slope, bending, and shear deflections of a simply supported beam loaded by its own weight (XLS)
  • Determine thermal errors in a bi-material beam (XLS)
  • Bolted rail design (XLS)
  • Bolt Forces
  • Design constrained layer dampers for a rectangular beam with plate CLDs (XLS)
  • Coordinate systems location (XLS - 1 MB)
  • Friction drive design spreadsheet (XLS)
  • Friction drive design
  • Analysis of errors in a kinematically supported carriage (XLS)
  • Design of three groove kinematic couplings (XLS)
  • Design of linear guides
  • Bolted rail design (XLS)
  • Bolted rail on elastic foundation (XLS)
  • Screwthread forces (XLS)
  • Determine thermal errors in a simply supported beam (XLS)
  • Tuned mass damper design for a cantilever beam (XLS)
  • Error Gain Spreadsheet (XLS)

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