2.76 | Fall 2004 | Graduate

Multi-Scale System Design


Project Requirements

Schedule and Deliverables

Each problem set of the term project is a 1-2 page of design summary of your important decisions/modeling/progress to date. We would expect to see detailed sketches, major equations and plots which demonstrate that you are on the right track. A short discussion of risks/mitigation plans and your group’s schedule (constrained by the syllabus of course) would be important as well.


These are loose requirements meant to provide guidance. We may be flexible with them if you can justify…

Resolution 0.3 nm or better

5 nm or better
We would be very pleased if you could design for resolution required to scan the atomic lattice of the graphite sample

0.3 nm or better: Z direction

5 nm or better: X and Y direction

Working Range 500 × 500 × 500 nm3 Minimum range
Total Size 220 × 150 × 120 (height) mm3
But should be as small as possible to increase resonance frequency
Fit in the insulating enclosure
Performance Scan the micro structures on the sample We are not ultra-concerned with the rapidity with which you can drive your machine

Your speed depends on your design. Determine what it needs to be to give you a reasonable level of accuracy. You’ll have to justify your speed. Pay attention to thermal errors here…


Each team will be allotted $200 to spend, but only if they can justify the need for the expenditure. Purchases for exploratory work/concept validation is permitted with proper feasibility justification. If you determine you need to order material, etc…. you must first contact Prof. Culpepper to obtain an Ok. We will not reimburse for expenses, all items must be purchased through Prof. Culpepper. When making a request, you should provide:

  1. Company name, phone number and address
  2. Part number
  3. Part description
  4. Cost and quantity

The TA is an invaluable resource for knowing where to find things you need!!! It is up to you to take into account delivery of the items you want/need.

Supporting Materials

  1. a) Pre-amp electronics theory and spec sheets (PDF)
    b) TI OPA627/637 spec sheet (PDF)
  2. Capacitance probe theory primer
  3. Capacitance probe spec sheets
    Manufacturer: Lion precision
    Model number: C1-C
  4. dSpace data acquisition and control system
    Manufacturer: dSpace
    Model Number: DS1104 R&D Controller Board
  5. Piezo actuator primer
  6. Z Axis Piezo actuator specs
    Manufacturer: PI (Physik Instrumente)
    Model number: P-882.11
  7. X and Y Axis Piezo actuator specs
    Manufacturer: Piezojena
    Model number: PA 50/14 SG
  8. How to make DXF files (Waterjet accepts DXF files made from CAD program) (PDF)
  9. Dynamic characteristics of environment (large table) (PDF)
  10. Thermal characteristics of environment (small table) (JPG)
  11. Shielded cables (where to buy and how to make)
    Manufacturer: Alpha Wire
    Type: Coaxial cables 
  12. Information on tips to be used
    Supplier: Veeco Probes
    Material: Pt-Ir (Platinum-Iridium), Mechanically cut
    Dimensions: diameter (0.25mm), length (8mm)
  13. Information on samples to be used
    Supplier: Veeco Probes
    Material: HOPG (Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite)
  14. Optical Tables. See Technical Manufacturing Company Web site

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