1 Introduction to Tribology Suh

2 Introduction to Tribology (cont.) Suh

3 Chemical and Physical State of the Solid Surface Suh

4 Friction Suh

5 Lab: Friction Measurement Saka

6 Analysis of Large Plastic Deformation of Elasto-plastic Solids Suh Homework 1 due
7 Introduction to Wear Suh

8 Response of Materials to Surface Traction Suh

9 Wear Mechanisms Suh Homework 2 due
10 Exam 1

11 Boundary Lubrication Saka

12 Boundary Lubrication (cont.) Saka

13 Hydrodynamic Lubrication Saka Homework 3 due
14 Design of Pin Joints and Electrical Connectors Saka

15 Design of Cutting Tools Saka

16 Introduction to Axiomatic Design Suh

17 Design of Low Friction Surfaces Suh Homework 4 due
18 Design of Seals Suh

19 Friction and Wear of Polymers and Composites Suh

20 Solution Wear Suh

21 Temperature Distribution Suh Homework 5 due

Homework 6 due

22 Erosive Wear Suh

23 Exam 2

Homework 7 due
24 Nano and Micro-tribology Saka Term papers due
25 Term Paper Presentations

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