2.800 | Fall 2004 | Graduate
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Slides from a lecture presentation covering the following topics: What is tribology?, tribological problems, four elements of tribology, friction, factors of friction, coefficient of friction, Coulomb friction, friction coefficient constant, scale issues in tribology, friction at nano-and micro-scale contacts, areal density roadmap: HDD vs. DRAM, magnetic spacing roadmap, trends, requirement, challenge of HDI technology, microtribological Issues in HDI, principle of stiction free slider, MEMS, tibological issues in MEMS, friction at macro-scale sliding contacts (Adhesion model), friction at dry sliding interface, friction at macro-scale sliding contacts, abrasive wear model, sliding wear model, fretting wear, abrasive wear model, ductility vs. abrasive wear rates, and carbide tools cutting 4340 steel.

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