2.800 | Fall 2004 | Graduate
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Slides from a lecture presentation covering the following topics: Friction, friction coefficient, ? varies as a function of the sliding distance, scale issues in tribology, friction measurement lab, microscale friction as a function of coating, relative friction forces in MEMS, attractive forces in MEMS devices, friction at macroscale sliding contacts, coefficient of friction versus sliding distance, effect of removing wear particles, friction at dry sliding interface, experimental setup, Specimens, wear track, particle (SiC) insertion, six stages in the frictional force versus distance slid relationship, two interacting surface asperities, geometrically compatible slip-line field, effect of boundary lubrication, friction in geometrically confined space, friction at polymeric interfaces, structure of some thermoplastics, friction coefficient of low density polyethylene, frictional behavior of composites, effect of coatings on friction, and conclusions.

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