Lec # Topics KEY DATES
1 Introduction, Logistics, Context, History

2 Assembly in the Small - Step-by-step Process - Assembly Motions and Forces

3 Assembly in the Small-Rigid Part Mating Theory and RCC Student project descriptions due
4 Key Characteristics

5 Mathematical Models of Assemblies, Feature-based Modeling of Assemblies Problem set 1 due
6 Constraint in Assembly-1

7 Constraint in Assembly-2 Project report 1 due
8 Variation Buildup in Assemblies-1

9 Variation Buildup in Assemblies-2 Problem set 2 due
10 Assembly Sequence Analysis, Algorithms, and Software

11 The Datum Flow Chain-1

12 The Datum Flow Chain-2 Problem set 3 due
13 More DFC

14 Assembly in The Large - Basic Issues, Economics, Step-by-step Process Problem set 4 due
15 Product Architecture, Flexibility

16 Design for Assembly - Theory and Examples Project report 2 due
17 AITL System Design Issues: Kinds of Assembly Lines and Equipment, Production Volume, Cycle Times

18 Mid-term Presentation of Student Projects Covering First Three Reports Project report 3 due

19 Assembly in The Large: Workstation Design Issues

20 Assembly System Design Techniques and Simulation Project report 4 due
21 Economic Analysis of Assembly Systems

22 Flexible Manufacturing Systems Project report 5 due
23 Outsourcing, and Supply Chain Management or Student Show and Tell

24 767 Wing Case Study Project report 6 due
25 Student Project Presentations

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