NPS = Prof. Nam P. Suh
TL = Dr. Taesik Lee

Lec # Topics Instructors
1-3 Introduction to Axiomatic Design NPS
4 Information Content and Robustness TL
5 Information Content (cont.)

Project Discussion

6-7 Multi-FR Design NPS
8-9 Information Content (cont.) TL
10 Exam 1

11-12 Design of Systems NPS
13 Guest Lecture Dr. Sunghee Do
14 Design of Manufacturing Systems TL
15 Axiomatic Design of Manufacturing Systems

Case Study - Complex System Design (NASA / Project)

16 Complexity I

Project Discussion

17-18 Complexity II NPS
19 Complexity Review TL
20 Reduction of Complexity with Geometric Functional Periodicity NPS
21 Reduction of Complexity in Materials through Functional Periodicity

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22 Complexity of Socio-Economic Political Systems: Application of Functional Periodicity NPS
23 Cost Engineering in Axiomatic Design TL
24 Exam 2

25 Project Presentations

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Spring 2005