20.010J | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Bioengineering (BE.010J)

Lecture Notes

This section contains an example set notes taken by a student in the Spring 2005 instance of this course. These notes are listed by the topics discussed in Spring 2005.

Bioengineering Science - Prof. Douglas Lauffenburger (PDF)
Biology Science - Prof. Paul Matsudaira
Chemistry Science - Prof. Angela Belcher (PDF)
Biological Engineering - Prof. Linda Griffith (PDF)
BioMechanical Engineering - Prof. Roger D. Kamm (PDF)
BioMEMS - Prof. Joel Voldman (PDF)
Bioengineering in Aero/Astro - Prof. Dava Newman
Bioengineering in Chemical Engineering - Prof. Patrick S. Doyle (PDF)
Bioengineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering - Prof. Martin Polz (PDF)
Bioengineering in Computer Science - Prof. David Gifford (PDF)
Biomaterial Sciences - Prof. Subra Suresh
Topics in Biological Engineering - Prof. Paul Matsudaira
Topics in Biological Engineering (cont.) - Prof. Paul Matsudaira