20.020 | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Biological Engineering Design


Project Presentation Guidelines: Final Presentation

The day of your final briefing you will present your work to the class and will turn in the following technical documentation for your project.

Technical Documentation

These technical documents must include:

  1. A narrative that is ~1-2 pages long that includes at least one paragraph for each of the following:
    • the problem, challenge, or opportunity your project has addressed
    • the existing or developing alternative technologies that address this problem, challenge or opportunity
    • a system description
    • a description of the impact your solution will have if implemented
    • a safety/security analysis
    • a plan of work for the first 6 months for 6 people working full time on this project
  2. A Device-level system diagram
  3. A Timing Diagram
  4. A Parts list (table)
  5. A paragraph description of your spotlighted Part and where to find it in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts 
  6. The DNA sequence for your key new part or device
  7. A test/debug plan for that part and for your system or key intermediate device

These technical documents are worth 20% of your team’s final grade and must be turned in at the time of your final presentation. You should also turn in your project design notebook if you have not been keeping an online version.


You will have 20 minutes to present your project and there will be time for 10 minutes of questions. You are expected to follow all the best practices you’ve learned for oral presentation planning and delivery.

This oral presentation is worth 10% of your team’s final grade.

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