20.201 | Fall 2013 | Graduate

Mechanisms of Drug Actions


Session Key

L = Lecture

R = Recitation

E = Exam

Lecturer Key

PD = Prof. Peter Dedon

MM = Dr. Mark Murcko

ST = Prof. Steven Tannenbaum

  CK = Dr. Charles Knutson

  GL = Guest lecturer

  TA = Teaching assistants

Overview of the Drug Discovery Process; Fundamental Principles
L1 Introduction and Fundamentals PD, MM, ST  
L2 Overview of Drug Development 1 MM  
L3 Overview of Drug Development 2 MM  
R1 Fundamentals PD  
L4 Biochemistry Review Exercise CK  
L5 Uptake and Distribution PD  
L6 Dr. Keith Hoffmaster, Novartis: Drug Transporters 1 GL  
L7 Dr. Keith Hoffmaster, Novartis: Drug Transporters 2 GL Drug Metabolism Problem Sets Due
R2 Drug Metabolism 1 ST  
L8 Drug Metabolism 2 ST  
L9 Drug Toxicity 1 ST  
R3 Lecture Review Session TA  
L10 Drug Toxicity 2 ST  
L11 Pharmacokinetics PD  
R4 Quiz Review PD, TA

Fundamentals Problem Set Due

Pharmacokinetics Problem Set Due

E Exam
Case Studies and Literature Discussions; Case Study Project
L12 Case Study: Omeprazole Pharmacogenetics PD  
R5 Overview of Drug Development 3 MM Case Study Project Topic Due
L13 Case Study MM  
L14 Case Study: Antibiotics CK  
R6 Project Help Session TA  
L15 Case Study ST  
L16 Dr. Alex Wood, MIT Senior Lecturer / Novartis: Case Study: Oncology Drugs GL  
R7 Project Help Session TA  
L17 Case Study: Statins PD  
R8 Project Help Session TA  
L18 Case Study: GWAS and Statin Toxicity PD  
L19 Dr. Bernard Fermini, Pfizer: Case Study: Cardiotoxicity GL  
R9 Project Help Session TA  
L20 Dr. Teresa Wright, Shire Pharmaceuticals: Preclinical Drug Development GL  
R10 Project Help Session TA  
L21 Dr. Keith Hoffmaster: Case Study: PK / PD GL  
L22 Case Study: Sarilumab Phase III Clinical Result MM  
R11 Prof. Doug Lauffenburger: Systems Pharmacology GL  
L23 Dr. Tess Schmalbach, Schmalbach LLC: The Clinical Size of Drug Development GL Case Study Project Paper Due

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