20.320 | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

Analysis of Biomolecular and Cellular Systems

Modeling and Manipulating Biomolecular Interactions

Study Problems

Problems (Optional)

These optional problems, along with others and solutions, are available in the Study Materials section.

While these problems are not turned in for grading, they will greatly help you prepare for the exams. Success in this class depends on keeping up to date on the material and practicing working through problems. These are great problems to work through and come to office hours with questions for, even though answer keys are available with the problems in the portfolio with previous years’ problems.

The additional reference problems tend to be more coding-based and will help with additional practice to help with the design project.

Protein Structure, Energetics

2009, Problem Set 1, #3

2010, Problem Set 6, #3

2011, Problem Set 1, #3

2011, Problem Set 2, #1

2009, Problem Set 1, #1

2009, Problem Set 2, #1

2010, Problem Set 6, #1, 2

2011, Problem Set 1, #2

2011, Problem Set 2, #3

Specificity, Molecular Design

2011, Problem Set 2, #1

2011, Problem Set 3, #2

2011, Problem Set 3, #3

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