20.380J | Spring 2010 | Undergraduate

Biological Engineering Design

Lectures and Readings

This page presents lecture materials presented during selected class sessions, along with assigned readings.

1 Introduction to the course All (PDF - 2.3MB)  
Background: Inflammation in healthy immune response Irvine (PDF - 1.2MB)
2 Background: Inflammation and cancer Irvine  

Vakkila, J., and M. T. Lotze. “Inflammation and Necrosis Promote Tumor Growth.” Nature Reviews Immunology 4 (August 2004): 641-648.

Wu, Y., and B. P. Zhou. “Inflammation: A Driving Force Speeds Cancer Metastatis.” Cell Cycle 8, no. 20 (2009): 3267-3273.

Yu, H., D. Pardoll, and R. Jove. “STATs in Cancer Inflammation and Immunity: A Leading Role for STAT3.” Nature Reviews Cancer 9 (November 2009): 798-809.

3 Background: Inflammation in obesity and diabetes White (PDF - 5.0MB)

Shoelson, S. E., L. Herrero, and A. Naaz. “Obesity, Inflammation, and Insulin Resistance.” Gastroenterology 132 (2007): 2169-2180.

Tauben, G. “Prosperity’s Plague.” Science 325 (July 17, 2009): 256-260.

Wellen, K. E., and G. S. Hotamisligil. “Inflammation, Stress, and Diabetes.” The Journal of Clinical Investigation 115, no. 5 (2005): 1111-1119.

4 Background: Inflammation in cardiovascular disease Essigmann (PDF - 8.3MB)

Libby, P., P. M. Ridker, and G. K. Hansson. “Inflammation in Atherosclerosis: From Pathophysiology to Practice.” Journal of the American College of Cardiology 54, no. 23 (2009): 2129-2138.

Tabas, I. “Macrophage Death and Defective Inflammation Resolution in Atherosclerosis.” Nature Reviews Immunology 10 (January 2010): 36-46.

7-8 Technical paper presentations    


Ditsworth, D., W.-X. Zong, and C. B. Thompson. “Activation of Poly(ADP)-Ribose Polymerase (PARP-1) Induces Release of the Pro-Inflammatory Mediator HMGB1 from the Nucleus.” The Journal of Biological Chemistry 282, no. 24 (2007): 17845-17854.

Schafer, Z. T., et al. “Antioxidant and Oncogene Rescue of Metabolic Defects Caused by Loss of Matrix Attachment.” Nature 461 (2009): 109-113.


Cao, H., et al. “Identification of a Lipokine, a Lipid Hormone Linking Adipose Tissue to Systemic Metabolism.” Cell 134, no. 6 (2008): 933-944.

Nishimura, S., et al. “CD8+ Effector T cells Contribute to Macrophage Recruitment and Adipose Tissue Inflammation in Obesity.” Nature Medicine 15, no. 8 (2009): 914-920.

Cardiovascular Disease

Erbay, E., et al. “Reducing Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Through a Macrophage Lipid Chaperone Alleviates Atherosclerosis.” Nature Medicine 15 (2009): 1383-1391.

Mandinov, L., et al. “Copper Chelation Represses the Vascular Response to Injury.” PNAS 100, no. 11 (2003): 6700-6705.

14 Workshop: Patents Robert Langer  

Read the “Claims” sections of these patents. (Hint: some patents are good and others less so.)

Bossert, F., et al. “Coronary Dilator in a Pharmaceutical Dosage Unit Form.” US Patent 3784684, filed August 21, 1972 and issued January 8, 1974.

Domb, A. J., and R. S. Langer. “High Molecular Weight Polyanhydride and Preparation Thereof.” US Patent 4757128, filed August 1, 1986 and Issued July 12, 1988.

Carey, M. C., A. C. Moses, and J. S. Fler. “Drug Administration.” US Patent 4548922, filed June 6, 1983 and issued October 22, 1985.

Folkman, M. J., and R. S. Langer. “Systems for the Controlled Release of Macromolecules.” US Patent 4391797, filed August 10, 1981 and issued July 5, 1983.

Bell, E. “Tissue-Equivalent and Method for Preparation Thereof.” US Patent 4485096, filed May 26, 1982 and issued November 27, 1984.

Mears, D. C. “Regeneration of Living Tissues by Growth of Isolated Cells in Porous Implant and Product Thereof.” US Patent 4553272, filed February 26, 1981 and issued November 19, 1985.

Hewick, R. M., and J. S. Seehra. “Method for the Purification of Erythropoietin and Erythropoietin Compositions.” US Patent 4677195, filed January 11, 1985 and issued June 30, 1987.

Schlatter, J. M. “Peptide Sweetening Agents.” US Patent 3492131, filed April 18, 1966 and issued January 27, 1970.

15 Workshop: Regulatory agencies and clinical trials Essigmann (PDF - 1.3MB)  
Workshop: Signaling networks White (PDF - 2.0MB)  
Communications Review 2  Banuazizi   The class will divide into your teams and analyze particular sections of a pancreatic cancer paper.
Workshop: Drug targeting Irvine (PDF - 2.0MB)  
Workshop: Drug carriers Irvine (PDF - 1.9MB)