20.380J | Spring 2010 | Undergraduate

Biological Engineering Design


Design Pitch Presentation Guidelines

In Ses #12 and Ses #13, we will have in-class presentations by each of the 6 project teams giving their “design pitch”- a relatively short description of the problem you are tackling and the solution you are proposing. These presentations will help you formalize your initial ideas, and the entire class (and staff) will ask questions and provide comments on the concept you present. Presentation should be 20 minutes in length, followed by 10-15 min of discussion.


Your design pitch should address the following issues:

  • Statement of the problem, and motivation
    • What are you working on and why?
  • Background
    • Provide necessary background information, which either helps further explain the motivation or gives us key facts necessary to understand your approach
    • What other approaches have been tried in this area, if any, and why is your approach better?
  • Approach
    • Describe your concept in some detail
  • Potential issues and alternative solutions
    • What are the challenges that may arise, and what are the expected outcomes? Based on possible outcomes, what alternatives can you propose to ensure your idea moves toward success?
  • Summary
    • Summarize in 1-2 slides your concept and the overall goal